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 System RAM (Z80 address space) : //​$0200-$4FFF//​\\ ​ System RAM (Z80 address space) : //​$0200-$4FFF//​\\ ​
-|//​$0200-$037F//​((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Keymaps| +|//​$0200-$037F//​ ((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Keymaps| 
-|//​$0380-$03FF//​((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Storage devices info| +|//​$0380-$03FF//​ ((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Storage devices info| 
-|//​$0400-$047F//​((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Volume mount list| +|//​$0400-$047F//​ ((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Volume mount list| 
-|//​$0500-$0523//​((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Colour list| +|//​$0500-$0523//​ ((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Colour list| 
-|//​$0524-$07FF//​((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Unused at the moment|+|//​$0524-$07FF//​ ((System RAM "​underneath"​ video registers))|Unused at the moment|
 |//​$0800-$09FF//​|Sector buffer| |//​$0800-$09FF//​|Sector buffer|
 |//​$0A00-$0A05//​|JP xxxx, JP xxxx for IRQs| |//​$0A00-$0A05//​|JP xxxx, JP xxxx for IRQs|
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