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Line 15: Line 15:
 [[OSCA manual]]\\ [[OSCA manual]]\\
 [[Kernal call manual]]\\ [[Kernal call manual]]\\
 +[[PCB manual]]\\
 +[[ROM and Bootcode manual]]\\
 +[[Troubleshooting Guide]]\\
 \\ \\
Line 21: Line 24:
 [[V6Z80P Plus]]\\ [[V6Z80P Plus]]\\
 [[V6Z80P Plus v1.1]]\\ [[V6Z80P Plus v1.1]]\\
 +[[V6Z80P Plus v1.1b]]\\
 [[Brief list of differences between PCB revisions]]\\ [[Brief list of differences between PCB revisions]]\\
 \\ \\
Line 44: Line 48:
 ===== FAQ ===== ===== FAQ =====
-[[Frequently Asked Questions]]\\+[[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]\\
 \\ \\
Line 54: Line 58:
 [[Applications]]\\ [[Applications]]\\
 [[Games]]\\ [[Games]]\\
 \\ \\
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