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Porting open-source C games to V6Z80P

While programming with C for V6, i had some thoughts about porting some existing games to V6. This page is intended to make a list of such a games and accumulate information about them.
Feel free to add new info and edit existing.
Also, feel free to pick some game and do porting for V6.

Requirements for existing open-source game projects:

  1. Must be written in C.
  2. Not use float or double C data types. Only integer maths.
  3. Resolution up to 368×240.


  1. Platform games with 1 or 2 independent play fields (tile size 8×8 or 16×16).

List of games


Status: good.
Drawbacks: small horizontal resolution (256 pixels)


(Dingoo version 320×240) Status: good.

Tower Toppler

PC version 640×480.
(Can be converted to 320×240. Scale down all gfx by factor 2. And divide all in-game coordinates by 2.)
Status: seems good.

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