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Serial Link

The Serial Link util is used for PC to V6Z80P communication. (It was coded for Windows in Purebasic - the free version - source code is provided.) The default BAUD rate is 115200, format 8-N-1 (57600 BAUD is optional).

Send a file from PC to the V6Z80P

  • To send a file to FLOS (and load it into memory) first enter: RX filename address [bank]
    • “filename” can be a wildcard (*) if you dont care what the name is.
    • “address” should be in the range $5000-$FFFF
    • [bank] is the upper bank number where it should load into and is optional.
    • If the filename is “!” the file is loaded and immediately executed as code. If there is a Program Location Header on the file, the address and bank specified will be used, otherwise the file is loaded to $5000. Note: The address cannot be specified on the command line when using “RX !”
  • FLOS will say “Waiting for file…”; At the serial link util, click “send file”, and choose a file to send.
  • To send OS code or a boot program (IE: At the black and white V6Z80P boot screen), wait for the prompt to send the file (tap ESC if necessary to abort the automatic OS load procedure) and click “send file” on the Serial Link app, select a file then “OK”. (If 57600 BAUD is required tap F11).

Send a file from FLOS to the PC

  • Click “Receive File” on the serial link util
  • Enter: TX filename address length [bank]

The utils on either side will time out after a few seconds if no files are forthcoming. In FLOS you also can press ESC to quit waiting.

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